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Lights, Camera, Action! California, 1974. Trapped in the sunswept beauty, Lori Vogt hides her inner torment beneath a warm, comforting smile. Worried that her reckless, forbidden loves have left her abandoned by her family and friends, the vivacious twenty-year-old can't escape the tides of disgrace slowly drowning her. So with death whispering seductive promises in her ear, she gets behind the wheel and heads for a deadly destination.

Tackled by a police officer before she can sprint off the fatal ledge, her despair turns into a fight for acceptance and survival. But with no one in her world that she feels safe to trust with her deepest truths, she continues to love as though her life depends on it because it does.

Can she free herself from the bitterness of bigotry without taking a lethal leap? Or is she destined to self-destruct?

In this brutally honest account, Gregory Fite reveals the complicated tangles created by closing off doors within our own souls. Deftly woven with suspenseful pacing and immersive imagery, anyone reading this story will walk away shocked, empowered... and driven to create change.

YELLOW NOVA is a heart-wrenching and explosive memoir tribute retold by a devoted nephew. If you like page-turning suspense, dark secrets, and captivating voices, then you'll adore Gregory Fite's revealing reflections.

Read YELLOW NOVA to cry for what might have been today.




I can't wait to read this book! I can honestly say this is first book that I was hooked on after reading only the Prologue. Really looking forward to reading this!


A Star Is Born meets Mommy Dearest. I've never had a character from a book speak to me before, but this one did. I could feel her presence with each turn of the page. 


This is one of the greatest books that I have read in a long time. Captivating from beginning to end, I found it hard to put down and wanted to read it through in one sitting.
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